Renato Ramundo Orlando

Graduated in 2009 from the La Sapienza University of Rome in Dentistry and Dental Prosthesis with the score of 107/110.

He followed the activities of the U.O.C. for several years of Orthognathodontics of Umberto I dealing with pre-surgical maxillofacial orthodontics: skeletal classes I, II and III, Hemifacial Microsomia, Hemimandibular Elongation, Hypercondilia, Schisi del Palato, Sequela of Pierre-Robin.

Still in the same department he takes over the foundations of gnathology. he specializes in the best known straightwire orthodontic methods: MBT, Roth, Demon, but also in the Edgewise methods he prefers to obtain a more personal result and smiles more faithful to the physiognomies of the patients. dr. Renato Ramundo Orlando is able to follow the evolution of the patient’s dentition from the first years of life up to late age, programming from time to time the most suitable therapies for the skeletal and / or dental correction of the malocclusions present.